Modern life is quite fast paced and taxing. We have reached to point where we are always engaging our mind and body to the work we do. The whole point of working hard is to earn enough to live a comfortable life. Though, the definition and benchmark of comfort changes from people to people, culture to culture and nations to nations. Comfort might have a different meaning for the same individual according to their ages.

Comfort comes with a price. It tries to modify the environment to make it suitable for persons, but this leads to a disconnection between man and nature. I am not saying that you should not enjoy the fruits of modern inventions, but it is better for all of us to know and be aware how nature works, the joys it hides, the physical strength it asks for and how native peoples plan their lives based on forces of nature.

Trekking is one of the activities that bring you nearer to nature as an activity done in relatively pristine areas. There are several other advantages of trekking, some of which I have listed out below:

  1. Exercise your body
    In our childhood and until we graduate from college, we often take part in a physical exercise by playing outdoor games such as football, basketball, cricket, swimming and so on. Once out of college and start employment the frequency of playing games decreases and often stops. By now, the age will have begun to take its toll, so it will be hard for people to take part in activities that demand a lot of physical stamina. Therefore, to make sure you remain fit, you can trek. Trekking is a gradual sport that helps you to regain your physical fitness.
  2. Calm your mind
    Every exercise that you take part in has a direct impact on your brain as well. Do not take my word for it. Try for yourselves. I can say from my experience, the mental acuteness increases as a result of body exercises. Trekking will bring you near to nature, and before you notice, your mind gets attracted to nature, in turn calming your mind and refreshing it.
  3. Get that Adrenaline Rush
    Trekking on rocky paths releases adrenaline, so some thrill seekers carry treks on challenging and remote routes. The beauty of trekking is that you can choose the level of thrill you want, it is up to you to cross that precarious section, avoid it or turn back.
  4. Capture awesome shots
    Nature in itself carries a charm not found in human-built structures. Moreover, we love to capture scenes, which are not readily available. So, trekking lets you capture your moments with nature. If you decide to post your pictures in social media, you will be inspiring other viewers to take a trekking too.
  5. Learn about a new place
    It is not imperative that you must only trek in the wilderness. You can journey to places which are of historical significance. Get the physical benefits from trekking while accumulating information about the history of that location.
  6. Trek for a purpose
    You can trek for some purpose. If you want to see the impact of human activities on nature, you can decide to trek on places as per your interest. Similarly, you can trek to understand how people in other areas live, how they make a living and what can be done to improve their quality of life.

Nepal provides different opportunities for trekking. You can trek in Nepal for historical, geographical or for study purpose. Altimate Himalaya Treks regularly arrange trekking to various beautiful parts of Nepal. Give us a call at +977 -14650196 or send us your email at We are always happy to help you plan your next adventure.