This short sightseeing trip in Kathmandu Valley lets you observe Kathmandu’s diverse lifestyle influenced by culture, religion and modernity. You will also be visiting six UNESCO World Heritage Sites, within the Kathmandu Valley. – 4 days.

Trip Overview

Kathmandu, the city of temples, is the capital city of Nepal, and it is also the economic hub of the country. It locates in the bowl-shaped Kathmandu Valley, which contains two other cities – Patan/Lalitpur and Bhaktapur/Bhadgaon. Together these towns include as much as 130 primary monuments along with several Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Altogether there are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites within this valley.
This short trip will help you explore Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan in four days. We will take you to all the notable places in this valley. You will be witnessing how the past and present cultures and lifestyles co-exist in these three cities. You will also find Buddhists and Hindus living side by side in peace. In the past, this valley used to serve as a trade route between India and Tibet. As a result, you will find a fusion of artistic and architectural traditions in the ancient houses, buildings and monuments within these cities.
We will be taking you to Hindu Temple – Pashupatinath, Buddhist Stupas – Boudhanath and Swayambhunath, and other heritage and religious sites.

trip facts

TRIP STARTS: Kathmandu TRIP Ends: Kathmandu
duration:4 Days
ACCOMODATION:various options 5 stars hotels to budget guest ouses transportation:various options available

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1:
    Arrival at Kathmandu and hotel transfer
  • Day 2:
    Bhaktapur, Pashupatinath & Boudhanath sightseeing
  • Day 3:
    Patan, Swayambhunath & Kathmandu Durbar Square Sightseeing
  • Day 4:
    Depart Kathmandu

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 1:Arrival at Kathmandu and hotel transfer

    Kathmandu uniquely locates near the Himalayan range, so as you arrive Kathmandu by air, you will get to see spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, along with other exciting terrains that are unique to Nepal.

    As you land at Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu, you will find one of our office representatives, ready to receive you. After an introduction, our representative will take you to your hotel in a private vehicle. If you have plenty of time, you may ask our representative to suggest what you can do for the remaining part of the day. They will be happy to advise you.

  • Day 2:Bhaktapur, Pashupatinath & Boudhanath sightseeing

    After breakfast, we will be heading to Bhaktapur, also called Bhadgaon, which is about 13 kilometres from Kathmandu. Bhaktapur was established in 9th century by the King Ananda Dev Malla, and it showcases the golden age of Nepali art and architecture. The Kathmandu city was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1979 AD.
    In Bhaktapur, we will be visiting Bhaktapur Durbar square, which contains four distinct squares – Durbar Square, Taumadhi Square, Dattatreya Square and Pottery Square. The major attractions of this Square are 55 window palace, Batsala Temple, Statue of Bhupatindra Malla, Nyatapola Temple. Bhairava Nath Temple, Golden Gate, Lion’s gate and Mini Pashupati Temple.
    After we return from Bhaktapur, we will be visiting Pashupatinath Temple, which is also the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu and a world heritage site. The Pashupatinath temple is consecrated to Lord Shiva, who Hindus believe, is the creator, protector and transformer of the universe.
    Next, we will head to Boudhanath, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Boudhanath Stupa is also one of the massive stupas in the world. Many Tibetans who left Tibet in 1950s decided to live around Boudhanath. Hence, you will get to see the lifestyle of Buddhists residing in this area. Buddhists believe this Stupa entombs the remains of Kassapa Buddha.

    By then, it will be evening, and we will be driving you back to your Hotel for relaxing and spending the night.

  • Day 3:Patan, Swayambhunath & Kathmandu Durbar Square Sightseeing

    After breakfast, we will take you to Patan, a city known for rich cultural heritage, especially for its tradition of arts and crafts. People refer Patan as a city of feasts and festivals and ancient art, where you can see artisans busy carving metal and stone statues.
    We will enter the Patan Durbar Square, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, also one of the marvels of Newari architecture. The whole square titles with red bricks. Inside the square lies Patan Museum, Krishna Mandir, Tushahity (royal bath), Newari residential houses and several Hindu temples and statues.
    After finishing our visit to Patan, we will head to Swayambhunath also called Monkey Temple. The word Swayambhu, in Nepali, means self-created. Many people believe that a hill emerged at this place by itself from the vast lake that Kathmandu Valley once was.
    Our last stop for this day will be at Kathmandu Durbar Square also called Basantapur Durbar Square – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside the Square, you will see ancient palaces, courtyards, and ancient temples, some dating back to 12th Century. You will be seeing Taleju Temple, Kumari Ghar ( House of the Living Goddess) and Hanumandhoka Palace Museum. After Kathmandu Durbar Square visit, we will take you back to your hotel for a night’s rest.
    Day 4: Depart Kathmandu
    The fourth day will be your final day in Kathmandu, after breakfast, we will be taking you to Tribhuvan International Airport and bid you farewell. We hope by then, you will have had the pleasant and joyful trip with us. If you like you can join our other tours, we will be happy to suggest.

  • Day 4:Depart Kathmandu

    The fourth day will be your final day in Kathmandu, after breakfast, we will be taking you to Tribhuvan International Airport and bid you farewell. We hope by then, you will have had a pleasant and joyful trip with us. If you like you can join our other tours, we will be happy to suggest.

Includes & Excludes


  • Airport transfers and escort
  • Three nights accommodation at 3-star hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast -twin sharing
  • All guided sightseeing tour in Kathmandu with entry fees.


  • Lunch & dinner in Kathmandu
  • International flight and airport tax
  • Tips, any expenses of personal nature,
  • Client’s insurance
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